Zigen works on three main areas of focus: Programs, Training, and Research and Public Education. We focus on Programs that address basic needs, on Training that develop the potentials and build capacity for long term sustainable impact, and on Research and Public Education to raise awareness in the general public and to inform policy makers.

Program Department

The Program Department places special emphasis on basic education in the rural areas, enhance support and enrich curriculum in village schools.  We sponsor comprehensive rural developmentprograms that address primary health care, environmentally sound technologies and preservation of local cultures.  We operate and sponsor migrant workers community centers with social service programs for migrant workers, and after school tutoring for their children.

Training Institute

The Training Institute partners with research institutes to develop prototype training programs, and collaborate with government or other non-government organizations to refine and implement them.  Training topics include Rural Teachers, Village Leadership, Women Leadership, and Non-Profit Volunteers Training.

Research and Public Education

The Research and Public Education division collaborates with local resources, researchers, and the beneficiaries themselves to conduct research to understand the root cause, and to improve the conditions of basic human needs of local communities.  Research outcomes will be disseminated to facilitate open discussion and to help policy-makers to identify solutions.

The Story of Da Sen Dian Village

Da Sen Dian Village is located in Qinglong County, Hebei Province, China. It is one of the green ecological villages of Zigen.